Our winery and technology schemes

The sun-drenched masonry is of reddish-ochre tufa. The cellars are 10 meters deep with arches that span 9 meters. The building brilliantly combines 20th century Armenian architecture with European engineering. The external pillared walls are awash in sunlight, while down inside time seems to be frozen.

The grape is hand-picket and transported to winery in 12-15 kilogram wooden boxes. We process with state of the art Italian equipment have powerful refrigerators that allow not only to regulate the principal and malic/lactic fermentation, but also maintain the natural semi-dry and semisweet wines at sub-zero temperatures until and antiseptic bottling.

We age dry wines in 225 litre medium roasted vats, made of fragrant strong oak logs from Artsakh, split and kept for years under the sun and the rain. Special wines (semi-dessert, dessert and fortified) are aged in 300-500 litre vats that often have been used for extended periods for ports or cognac spirits.