Underwater aged red wine

Аged at the bottom of lake qari on Aragats summit at 3185 m above the sea.

Embraces the serenity of the wather, supremacy of the peaks and infinite expanses.

Proudly bears the name of Armenian pantheon's ultimate deity.

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To evaluate the impact underwater ageing had on the wine quality we examined the results by doing chemical and organoleptical analyses of the test and control samples as well as recording the water temperature throughout 12 months of ageing. It’s widely accepted that the red wine health benefits are related to phenols. These are natural antioxidants found in grapes and wine, which can also serve as indicators of the wine quality. The underwater sample had retained more phenolic compounds: the recorded concentration of anthocyanins, flavonoids and total phenolic compounds were 10% higher than in the control sample.

The samples were tasted by a diverse “jury” of vintners, winemakers and sommeliers.

The wine aged underwater has more intensive color with purple hues, while the control sample developed brick hues typical for classical bottle ageing. The nose of the aged wine is more settled, noble, and mature, rather than young and fresh, to be expected at lower temperatures. The wine feels on the palate more refined and polished than the control sample.

Concluding organoleptic and laboratory findings - underwater ageing affected the quality in an unusual and unexpected, and certainly beneficial way: the wine has gained color intensity, as well as preserved more meaningful substances, at the same time tasting older and nobler.