High altitude vineyard

"Maran" is establishing the steepest and highest vineyard in the village of Artabuynk, Vayots Dzor region. At an altitude of 2050-2070 m above sea level, it will be cultivated with organic technologies and will be completely in the philosophy of biodiversity conservation.

The project is executed with the support of the USAID funded "Rural Economic Development - New Economic Opportunities" program (executed by CARD foundation), research grants from Scientific Committee of Armenia and Enterprise Incubator Foundation. This is an unprecedented innovative project that is gaining importance in the context of the many challenges facing viticulture and winemaking today, and especially global climate change.

Global warming inevitably affects the further development of the sector, forcing a radical overhaul of available resources. In particular, the calculations show that in the next 20-30 years the Ararat plane will become unsuitable for quality viticulture, especially for winemaking. At the same time, we have thousands of hectares of high, little-used land in the republic. This means that today we should start thinking about taking grapes to the mountains, the sustainable "long-term" development of high mountain viticulture, winemaking. With the right start, in a decade or two we will have a rich scientific and production experience, clearly defined directions of development, methods of their implementation.